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Why use Octane Booster
Why do I need Aran® Octane Booster? All engines develop combustion chamber deposits that can lead to your engine needi...
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Additives: Take more than 10 cases to get a 9% Disc
Buy more than 10 Cases of Any Additives and get 9% Disc off List price  Contact our sales team though the "Email Us" p...
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Aran Additives & Oils 2002 (Pty) Ltd manufactures additives, antifreeze/coolants, aersol products, engine oils, gear oils, transmission fluids and greases.

Aran Additive’s products are made locally in South Africa, and we’re proud to support our South African economy.

Our company continues to build on traditions of trust and long term relationships with customers, suppliers and employees.  The  tradition of providing solutions for customers through technically sound products, with uncompromising service, to even the smallest of customers, has never wavered.

We offer a range of more than 100 products.  The company invests in itself by making a quality product at competitve prices with high performance technology, while keeping ahead of growing environmental pressures and legislation. 


Some of the Industries we supply?

Mining Industry  Automotive Industry
Mining Industry
Automotive Industry
 Farming Industry  Gardening Industry
Farming and Agriculture Gardening Industry


Some Other Industries:

  • Transportation and Trucking
  • Construction and Civils
  • Printing
  • Blow Moulding
  • Fire Prevention


We supply our products to the automotive industry, through: 

  • Motor Spares Outlets
  • Workshops
  • Hardware Stores
  • Wholesalers
  • Garages

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Radiator Flush (375ml) - 0%
Engine Cleaner - Water (750ml) - 0%
Carburettor Cleaner (200ml) - 7.7%
Carburettor Cleaner (400ml) - 46.2%
Antifreeze Supreme (1lt) - 7.7%
AP95 (200ml) - 0%
AP95 (400ml) - 15.4%
Battery Acid (1lt) - 7.7%
Battery Water (1lt) - 7.7%
All in One (100ml) - 7.7%

Total votes: 13
The voting for this poll has ended on: 15 Oct 2015 - 00:00

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Chemical Spill & Cleanup
Your No.1 Emergency Response Team 0861 000 366 Spill Tech is a HAZMAT and pollution control products company with branches throughout South Africa. Besides providing a rapid spill response service...
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SABS Media Statement
    Illegal Brake Fluid can Break your Braking ... The South African Bureau of Standards (SABS) has placed a total ban on the sale of brake fluid sold under the brand name DARTEX Super Dot 4 and...
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