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Why use Octane Booster
Why do I need Aran® Octane Booster? All engines develop combustion chamber deposits that can lead to your engine needi...
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Additives: Take more than 10 cases to get a 9% Disc
Buy more than 10 Cases of Any Additives and get 9% Disc off List price  Contact our sales team though the "Email Us" p...
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About Aran Additives & Oils

A little History About Aran Additives & Oils

Patrick Hedigan started out in the "Additive industry" working at Wynn’s & became one of their top sales men in the 70's.  He then moved onto STP, & then Bardahl.  STP withdrew from South Africa, which gave Patrick the opening to develop his own brand.  He then went into association with Unico Chemicals, who were major suppliers to the Antifreeze and Brake Fluid industry in South Africa.  This is where Patrick developed his knowledge for these products.

Aran first started out in 1981, with Patrick Hedigan trading as Aran and then moved onto trading as a CC - Aran Oil cc.  In 2002 Aran from a Closed Corporation then registered as a trading company, Aran Additives & Oils 2002 (Pty) Ltd.  The company was formed to establish and continue the business of manufacturing a range of conventional lubricants for industry in general.

Success in sales due to branding our product under our own label, together with new packaging, allowed us to supply companies in niche markets.  This paved the way to major expansion in 1991.  At this time, we acquired the development, formulation and manufacturing techniques which gave Aran Additives & Oils the opportunity to offer an extended product range to its customer base.

Today, Aran Additives & Oils offers a range of more than 100 products, in varied sizes.  The company invests itself in making a quality product with high performance technology, while keeping ahead of growing environmental pressures and legislation. 

Aran Additives & Oils has secured its position in the industry due to its consistent quality and superior personal customer service.  We are confident that our products will stand the test of time.  A proudly South African product.

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Radiator Flush (375ml) - 0%
Engine Cleaner - Water (750ml) - 0%
Carburettor Cleaner (200ml) - 7.7%
Carburettor Cleaner (400ml) - 46.2%
Antifreeze Supreme (1lt) - 7.7%
AP95 (200ml) - 0%
AP95 (400ml) - 15.4%
Battery Acid (1lt) - 7.7%
Battery Water (1lt) - 7.7%
All in One (100ml) - 7.7%

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SABS Media Statement
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