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Why use Octane Booster
Why do I need Aran® Octane Booster? All engines develop combustion chamber deposits that can lead to your engine needi...
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Additives: Take more than 10 cases to get a 9% Disc
Buy more than 10 Cases of Any Additives and get 9% Disc off List price  Contact our sales team though the "Email Us" p...
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Diesel Fuel Conditioner Diesel_Fuel_Conditioner

Diesel Fuel Conditioner
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Diesel Conditioner - Improving fuel stability  


Is formulated to control biocide growth & increase fuel stability while reducing corrosion & injector wear & clogging, thus greatly reducing smoke emissions. Keeps injectors & filters clean. Maintains correct atomisation of fuel for combustion efficiency. Prevents corrosion & fuel oxidation during storage. Reduces biocide slime & sludge formation. Improves fuel stability.

Product Benefits

  • Key areas of injector detergency, cetane improvement, lubricity, corrosion and foaming.
  • Excellent keep clean and clean up injector performance resulting in reduced environmental emissions, extended maintenance intervals and improved fuel economy.
  • Cetane improvement of two numbers (average) resulting in better cold starting, lower noise and smoother running.
  • Improved fuel lubricity leading to complete pump and fuel system protection.
  • Improved resistance to storage tank and fuel tank corrosion.
  • Reduction in foaming characteristics of the fuel.
  • Faster fuel fill up and reduced forecourt spillage.


Available Sizes

375ml, 500ml

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Carburettor Cleaner (200ml) - 7.7%
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Antifreeze Supreme (1lt) - 7.7%
AP95 (200ml) - 0%
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Battery Acid (1lt) - 7.7%
Battery Water (1lt) - 7.7%
All in One (100ml) - 7.7%

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