Illegal Brake Fluid can Break your Braking ...

The South African Bureau of Standards (SABS) has placed a total ban on the sale of brake fluid sold under the brand name DARTEX Super Dot 4 and has issued a directive to the manufacturers, Firtz Enterprises, that prevents them from selling the brake fluid. Industry and the public are warned not to use this product.


SABS Regulatory, the Division of the SABS responsible for administering compulsory standards, has indicated that Dartex was tested and was found not to comply with South African legal requirements.   The Regulatory Division has indicated that it has taken steps to prevent the sale of the brake fluid.  However, there is no guarantee that all non-compliant products have been removed from the market.  Consumers who have used this product are advised to replace their brake fluid as soon as possible and to have their brake systems inspected.

Braking is achieved by brake fluid acting immediately and effectively on the pistons of drums or disks. This fluid has to support very high temperatures (more than 150°C next to the structure of disks and drums). Poor quality brake fluid quickly looses its efficiency. It may also corrode safety critical rubbers, resulting in the leakage and loss of brake fluid, eventually leading to total brake failure.

Consumers who become aware of any persons trading with DARTEX Super Dot 4 brake fluid or brake fluids of doubtful origin are advised to call Mr Theuns Blom of the Automotive Department of SABS Regulatory on (012) 428-6277.


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